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My Qur'an Journal DU'A FROM THE QUR'AN

RM 10.00

This edition focuses on the du'as that are taken from the ayah of the Qur'an. Every day we make du'a, we remember Allah SWT and we call upon Him. We make du'a for various reasons and most of our du'as are personal. However, there are recomended du'as especially from the Qur'an that we can learn from. We hoped by reflecting and pondering this compilation of du'as helps us and inspire us to keep calling upon Him.

This journal is also perfect for daily memorisation; one du'a a day!

  • Journal only in A5 size
  • 40 pages : including Tips, Times When Du'a is Answered guidelines, Etiquettes of Making Du'a, A Grateful Heart Chart, 30 Daily Du'a and Reflection Entry, Notes
  • Brown Craft Paper covers

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