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My Qur'an Journal RAMADAN EDITION - Surah As-Sajdah

RM 5.50

This year, we are going to be reflecting on Surah As-Sajdah. We break down each ayah from Surah As-Sajdah as daily prompt (Scan the QR codes for the prompt and tips). The prompt will be updated daily; on our Instagram, Website and Facebook Page the night before each respective ayah/page, In Shaa Allah

- Journal only in A5 size
- 48 pages : including Tips, Virtues of As-Sajdah, Virtues of Ramadan, Vision and Goals, My Du'a List, Daily Ibaadah Checklist, Daily Good Deeds Checklist, Ramdan Du'a, Daily Ayah, Sunnah of Eid and Notes
- Thick Brown Kraft Paper covers
- QR code on each page/day that is linked to a daily prompt and tips

Head over to our Online Resources for list of resources you can use with this journal.

We hope all of us can fully reflect on this beautiful surah by the end of Ramadan, In Shaa Allah.

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