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Pearl of Qur'an Week 1 - Basmallah

Pearl of Qur'an Week 1 - Basmallah

Assalamualaikum, in shaa Allah on this Pearl of Qur'an section, we will be posting our notes as well as other students' notes from a class by Al Huda on “Pearls of Qur’an” where we go deep into 1 ayah per week in shaa Allah. We will also provide the PDF version at the end of each post for better viewing. May it be beneficial to all.

First week we went into the Basmalah; the most recited verse of the Qur’an, we recite (should recite) before every single action that we are going to do. There’s so many benefits in reciting the basmalah especially the barakah in everything that we do ❤️❤️❤️

To view and download the PDF version: 

1. Week 1 Summary Bismillah.pdf      

2. Bismillah_SZR.pdf

3. Bismillah_JJ.pdf

4. Bismillah_PSK.pdf

5. Bismillah_SA.pdf

6. Bismillah_HH.jpeg

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